Coldefy brings a new type of pragmatism through its projects. Convinced that buildings influence our behavior, just as they shape our cities, Coldefy bases its work on social and sensory experience at the very core of and beyond the matters of aesthetics. Practicing sensitive architecture that is connected to nature and open to the landscape, Coldefy envisions buildings as a desire for tranquility and as opportunities to escape a frenzied pace of living.

Projects by Coldefy leave ample interstitial space, which facilitates a free flow and encourages encounters. They place themselves at the borderline between nature - through the context in which they are based – and personal narratives. These buildings thus reflect the life of their inhabitants and users, becoming spaces for living and communicating. Each Coldefy project leans on three fundamental values: urbanity, clarity and phenomenology.


Through its projects, Coldefy seeks to respect the identity of territories while generating new landmarks. By respecting the continuity of the existing structure as part of a perpetual urban experience, Coldefy creates a dialogue between their designs, public spaces and inhabitants.


Coldefy carefully considers the transparency and opacity of its projects in order to pursue a two-fold objective: seeing and being seen. It’s a matter of creating intimacy within the building without raising barriers between the structure and its surrounding environment. Coldefy particularly strives to achieve the highest level of acceptance from the local residents by helping them best understand the space and context.


Considering the city as a living organism that constantly evolves and transforms itself, Coldefy encourages interaction and encounters. Its buildings truly are “village commons”, with public spaces perfect for communication, favoring exchanges and connections.

Coldefy embodies a legible, sensitive, lively and innovative architecture, giving true quality of life to users.

By revisiting typologies of everyday buildings, architects shape the human environment, design stimulating spaces, and forge social connections.

What are my needs? What do I want?

By asking ourselves these simple questions we return to the fundamentals that define the attitude we stand for and could be described as “new pragmatism”. The need to escape a frenzied way of living, a yearning for calm or a connection with nature are among the fundamental needs that we experience as children, yet which we lose sight of as time goes by. Aware that the buildings we inhabit influence our behavior and shape our cities, we believe that architecture should serve the senses that allow for memorable experiences. We are focused on social and sensory experiences, so that the question of aesthetics, which is inevitably subjective, takes a back seat. Individual and community energies, circulations and the project brief all influence the form that emerges. In this sense, we practice sensitive architecture.


Isabel Van Haute

Founding Partner (be)

Isabel Van Haute is Flemish Belgian. She earned a degree in architecture at Saint-Luc School of Architecture in Ghent, Belgium, in 2001. Her experience includes positions at famous architecture offices in Paris and in New York before joining Coldefy in 2006, as Artistic Director. In 2006, the duo who leads the office, won the international competition of the Hong Kong Design Institute in front of 162 teams. This project is a manifesto and became the kick-off for Coldefy, which subsequently developed at regional, national and international levels. She became partner in 2016. First-prize winner of the “Student’s Belgian Glass Award 2001”, Isabel is also the 2018 Perspective’s “40 under 40” Award winner.

Thomas Coldefy

Founding Partner (fr)

Thomas Coldefy earned a degree in architecture at the Ecole Spéciale d’Architecture in Paris in 2002. He is a member of the American Institute of Architects (AIA). After holding positions in famous architecture offices in Paris, New York and London, he joins Coldefy in 2006 as Managing Director. He became Principal in 2010. He won the Asian “40 under 40” International design Awards 2011 organized by Perspective, as well as the European “40 under 40” prize organized by the European Center for Architecture Art design and Urban Studies and the Chicago Athenaeum. Thomas Coldefy gives numerous lectures, his achievements are the subject of publications and exhibitions in France and internationally. Since 2014, Thomas Coldefy has been visiting professor at the Jilin Institute of Architecture and Civil Engineering, China and since 2021, Teacher for a Master’s degree program at ESA (Ecole Spéciale d’Architecture, Paris). Monumentality and delicacy, urban issues and attention to detail characterize the writing of its projects, in which the well-being of residents and users is always central.


Marc Franco

Partner Architect (fr)

Marc Franco joined Coldefy Paris in 2016 as Office Director, and he is a Partner since 2021. He oversees projects at the national level of all scales, as well as business development, contract negotiations and fees.graduated from the Ecole d’Architecture de Paris La Villette (UP6) in 2000. He has been registered at the Ordre des Architectes since 2001 and acquired in 2008 a training on Environmental Quality and Sustainable Development –HQE approach. Until 2015, he collaborated with many Parisian architecture offices where he developed medium and large-scale projects, private and public, housing, shops, offices.

Zoltán Neville

Partner Architect (us/hu)

Zoltán Neville is a Partner since 2021. He is responsible for the design and management of the studio’s international projects and development. He graduated as an Architect from the University of Southern California with an extra focus on Urban Planning, he is registered with the Order of Architects. His international profile has led him to collaborate in various American and European offices before joining, in 2012, Coldefy as Project Manager. He then obtained a French diploma at the Ecole Supérieure de Lille. Architect accredited to project management in France at the Ecole Supérieure Paris-Malaquais, he was appointed Director of Design & International Development in 2016, helping lead the establishment of the practice’s studio in Shanghai.

Simon Ducreu

Partner Architect (fr)

Simon Ducreu joined Coldefy in 2009 as Project Manager before being appointed Studio Director in 2016 and Partner in 2021. He supervises the projects carried out in Lille and in the region.
He is a graduate of the Lille School of Architecture. He is an architect accredited as project management in France, before, he worked with the Lille offices Luc Delemazure Architectes, Boyeldieu-Dehaene and Parallèle 3.

Valérie Barrès

Architect, Executive Director (fr)

Valérie Barrès joined Coldefy in Spring 2021 as Architect & Executive Director. With vast experience in supervision of project phases of all sizes, urban projects and building sites, she’s, at Coldefy, in charge of coordination and organization of the company’s structure.
Valérie Barrès graduated with honours from the Ecole d’Architecture Paris La Seine as Architect DPLG, and has studied in Paris and at the Royal Danish Academy in Copenhagen. After working for several renowned architectural offices, namely Dominique Perrault, AS.Architecture-Studio and Kazuhiro Ishii in Tokyo and Paris, she spent 19 years as Managing Architect at Valode&Pistre.
She also has a degree in urban planning and developments and is an internal auditor for the ISO 9001 standard.

Zhuo Wang Rolland

Asia Director (cn)

Zhuo Wang Rolland joined Coldefy in 2013 as project manager and has been made director of the Asia Region in 2016. She has a double degree in architecture and project management. She is a member of the Project Management Institute (PMI) and is PMP & PRINCE2 certified. Her international profile has led her to collaborate with many architecture studios such as, in Paris, AS.Architecture-Studio , Chaix & Morel et Associes, HDA Architects and, in Beijing, Will Alsop. She develops and coordinates projects in Asia led by our Shanghai team. She is in direct contact with our customers and prospects in Asia.

Martin Mercier

Architect, Project Director, Lille (fr)

Martin Mercier joined Coldefy Lille in 2018 as Studio Director. He supervises the projects developed in Lille and its region. He is a graduate of the Ecole Superieure d’Architecture de Paris. He studied the planning of public spaces at ENSAAMA Olivier de Serres. Before joining us, he was Partner and Project Director at Architectures Anne Démians (Paris) for 13 years.

Marianna Guarino

Architect, Studio Director (it)

Marianna Guarino joined Coldefy in 2016 as Project Manager before being appointed Studio Director in 2021. She’s in charge of the management and development of national and international projects, and she’s stuido Director in Paris. She also participates in the development of the agency as referent of the technological and methodological committee. She graduated as an architect from the School of Architecture of Rome La Sapienza and obtained the license to practice. She also studied at the Faculty of Architecture La Cambre Horta in Brussels and at the IUAV University in Venice, where she obtained a Master’s degree in Parametric Sustainable Architecture.She has collaborated with several architectural offices in Italy and with AS. Architecture Studio in France, before joining Coldefy team.

Benjamin Sierzchula

Communication Manager (fr)

Benjamin Sierzchula joined Coldefy in the fall of 2021 as Communication Manager. He is responsible for the overall communication strategy, ensuring that the graphic design guidelines are applied and for managing the graphic design teams. He holds a Master’s degree in Management and Business Communication Strategies from the ISEG group. After working as communications manager for the Veolia group and then as communication and development manager in an event communications agency at La Lune Rousse, he joined Ogilvy France in Paris and its digital subsidiary as account manager and development manager.


Juan Carlos Aguilera

architect (ar)

Thomas Amarsy

independent architect - BIM manager (fr/it)

Katrin Bergmann

architect (de)

Léo Cadoret

architect (fr)

Valentin Carpentier

architect - BIM coordinator (fr)

Léa Chombeau

architect (fr)

Geoffrey Cordonnier

construction director (fr)

Nicolas Croxoo

independent architect (fr)

Marion Delahay

architect (fr)

Gauthier Droulez

architect (be)

Lucas Dujardin

architect (fr)

Anne-Gaëlle Elin

architect (fr)

Alexandre Gougeon

BIM manager alternant (fr)

Sophie Graux

architect (fr)

Jihun Han

architect (kr)

Brigitte Hiboux

administrative assistant (fr)

Sergio Hinojosa

architect (us)

Yizhou Hong

architect (cn)

Romain Hoste

architect (fr)

Yisu Huang

architect (cn)

Renelde Jonneaux

architect (fr)

Eva-Maria Kovacs

architect (hu)

Pauline Leclercq

architect (fr)

Louise Leroux

architect (fr)

Marie-Hélène Merlin

architect (fr)

Alice Noblecourt

executive assistant (fr)

Laurence Ployaert

architect (fr)

Mélanie Quetscher

architect (fr)

Sahar Safieddine

architect (lb)

Gioia Sartini

administration & hr manager (it)

Apameh Seyed

independent architect (fr)

Guillaume Theillier

site supervisor (fr)

Vincent Vaulot

independent architect (fr)

Gabriel Vorbe

architect (ht)

Lei Yin

visualization 3D (cn)

Yiru Yang

office manager (cn)

Hadrien De Beauvais

architect (fr)

Greta Indrio

architect (it)

Louise Braure

architect (fr)

Stéphanie Duquesne

Financial and Administrative Manager (fr)

Leonardo Ronchi

architect (it)

Théa Achkar

architect (fr/lb)

Shuai Wang

architect (cn)

Francisco Pacheco Escalante

architect (pe)

Corinne Cornuel

administrative assistant (fr)



International Architecture Award 2021

European Prize for Architecture 2021

ArchDaily Building of the Year 2020

Mipim AR Future Project Award 2019

AIA Honor Award 2019
AIA Merit Award 2019
APIDA. Asia Pacific Interior Design Awards 2019
ADC Award. Archi Design Club Award 2018
ArchDaily Building of the Year 2017

Architizer A+Awards 2017
Green Building Award 2016
IDA — International Design Award 2016

MIPIM AR Future Projects Award 2016

Quality Excellence Award 2015
Palmarès Grand Prix AFEX 2015 (nominé)

Asie ‘40 under 40’ 2014
Europe ‘40 under 40’ 2014
Perspective ‘40 under 40’ 2014
Prix de la Terre Cuite 2014
Prix Spécial Hiver ESA Paris 2013
Prix Tour Eiffel de l’ESA Paris 2013

Pyramides d’Argent 2012
Pyramides d’Or 2011
WAF World Architecture Forum 2011 (nominé)


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Tropicalia – Architecture, Materials, Innovative Systems -, La Biennale di Venezia collateral events, 2021
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Scénographie de Sèvres, Porcelain Of The Kings, Hong Kong University Museum and Art Gallery, 2015
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