best wishes!

january 2021

Coldefy wishes you a fresh, dynamic, loving, human and inspiring new year.

best of nature-inspired architecture

december 2020 – publication

WIRED magazine showcases Tropicalia among the best nature-inspired architecture 2021!

“As sustainability and environmental issues start to assume a greater role in the considerations of architects and developers, it appears the age of the megabuilding may finally be over. Taking their place in 2021 are new, biophilic structures – from a school in India to an aquarium in Mexico and a hotel on a glacier – which incorporate elements of the natural world into their architecture, from sympathetic materials and forms to forging direct connections with their surrounding environments.”

ideal and practice of cultural architectural design

decembre 2020 – lecture

follow here the lecture of Zhuo Wang Rolland, Dir. Asia at Coldefy, given at the occasion of the “Art, Space and Innovation Week” at the Beijing Institute of Technology on 7 December 2020. She describes the process through actual engineering cases, how the project members implement the concept, the communication process, the game between ideals and reality for the realization of cultural architectural projects.

zak virtual festival of façades 2020

novembre 2020 – lecture

on November 27th, and still on-line, listen to Thomas Coldefy ‘s presentation “Context Matters” for the ZAK Virtual Festival of Façades 2020.

shenzhen international performing art center

november 2020 – shortlisted competition

a world-class jury selected the proposal of Coldefy as finalist among high quality competitors for the International Performing Art Center in Shenzhen!
our project proposes an innovative and flexible performing arts center characterized by three sweeping roofs, providing a new public place that responds to both the cultural tradition and innovative spirit of Shenzhen.

xi’an international football center

november 2020 – international forum
the proposal of Coldefy with Valode & Pistre for the design of the Xi’an International Football Center, was finalist. The requirement was the design of a stadium for Asia Games 2023, with a masterplan and accompanying programs that complete a new CBD axis in the western district of Xi’an.
our proposal balances needs of a new stadium with the future needs of a community, aiming to create a vibrant district that can thrive 24hours a day and 365 days a year, long after the Asia Games are over.

we will not let hate win

novembre 2020 – virtual lecture

on 14 November and now online, watch the online talk «We Will Not Let Hate Win» organized by the American Institute of Architects (AIA). Thomas Coldefy and Zoltán Neville, Director of Design & International Development, present the National Pulse Memorial & Museum of Orlando, a project won by a multidisciplinary team led by Coldefy. They explain how the approach of the project is an opportunity to catalyse the change through architecture and urban design, in honor to the victims of the tragedy of the Pulse night club four years ago.


october 2020 – publication

The building in Archdaily Español.

lille et les villes du nord, 10 artistes + 100 lieux

october 2020 – publication

thanks to Geoffroy Deffrennes for his great portrait of Thomas Coldefy and Isabel Van Haute. they are presented together with 9 artists from Lille (namely Mimi le Clown, Norman Dilworth and Julien Gosselin) in the cultural guide dedicated to the contemporary creation in Lille and North of France. The book written in French and published by the Editions Ateliers Henry Dougier is called Lille et Villes du Nord au Coeur de la Création Contemporaine, 10 artistes + 100 lieux.


september 2020 – under construction
garage is a rehabilitated Peugeot car garage of the 1940’s transformed into a unique “third place” dedicated to retail and innovation in the heart of Lille. its folding facade, a technical and architectural achievement, is stimulating the public space. Coldefy challenges the limit between public and private spaces. Delivery soon.

designing the future II CULTURE

september 2020 – round-table

on September 22, Thomas Coldefy took part to a virtual panel discussion organized by Delta Light with Konrad Buhagiar, executive director of AP Valletta, and Pippo Ciorra, principal curator of Museo Maxxi in Rome. this was part of a serie of round tables dedicated to the conception of future, this one is focused on culture. architecture simultaneously reflects and influences culture. all over the world, cultural buildings are landmarks for cities and countries, adding value to the experience of art and creating context for individuals and societies. with the evolution of art, cities and audiences, what will be the role and how will we design our cultural buildings in the future? how can museums and galleries be flexible to accommodate different styles of exhibitions? listen to the roundtable here.

et demain, on fait quoi ?

september 2020 – contribution

find here the contribution of Thomas Coldefy “La Nouvelle Normalité” (“The New Normality”) in the book “Et demain, on fait quoi?” 198 contributions pour penser la ville ” (“And tomoroww, what will we do? 198 contributions to think the city”) published by the Pavillon de l’Arsenal, the center of urban planning and architecture of Paris.