MKNO – C40 Reinventing Cities

Located along the Ourcq canal in Bobigny (Greater Paris), the so-called «MBK» site constitutes the first stone of the future metropolitan centrality «La Folie».
With the banks of the Ourcq canal as a support for an innovative ecosystem, the MKNO Project strengthens the Balbynian service and recreational network. With a total area of ​​approximately 50,000 m² of floor space, MKNO provides a mixed program: family housing, residences for students, young workers and seniors, an economic center dedicated to new mobility, a logistics space, two hotels, restaurants and offices.
It is a question here of multiplying the routes and altimetry in order to explore this situation of urban fringe marked by the aquatic element. The project offers the channel to all neighborhood programs. Walkways, pontoons and landing stages are thrown between the buildings, towards the canal. These elements functionally link certain buildings, offer extensions, routes, experiences, views.
Huts, slides, games, kiosks punctuate these routes and provide a rich, vibrant and fun urban space. The juxtaposition of these light architectures at the service of a great intensity of use forms a unique urban ensemble paying tribute to the genius of the place, the palafitte city.