Art Cloud – West Kowloon Art Pavillion

West Kowloon Art Pavilion will become the prelude of M+, Museum of visual culture, and contribute to West Kowloon Cultural District identity as a leading cultural brand. We have developed our design with the ambition to fully stage and showcase M+’s collection to the public, as a way to offer a truly immersion within its visual culture.

In a context where the limit between the container and the content becomes more and more blur and the container becomes the centre of attraction rather then it’s content, we choose to invert this trend, and to come back to more fundamental values. Architecture serves a function, creates an environment and becomes immaterial.

Organised on a grid, the project is conceived with a logic of 50m² modules, some of which are fixed (office, storage and sanitary) and others are flexible in terms of programs. Eventually, the concept of modules will allow future extensions.

Structure on the outskirt supports the envelope and allows a 500 square meter of pole-free exhibition space. The grid as a basis, organises the space and gives the opportunity and freedom to organise the gallery in various ways according to events such as performances, screenings and installations. As interior separations, the design compromises the use of white curtains which mark the separation between each module.


Public / Culture


Kowloon Cultural District Authority


620 m²




Hong Kong (cn)




Cultural center