The site of the future shopping center, at the end of a historic commercial zone bordered by the A13 freeway and the D113 road, presents itself as an extraordinary opportunity in terms of urban, architectural, and commercial possibilities. For us, the possibilities start with the qualities of the territory.

Beyond being a trigger for the mutation of this commercial area, the new facility can act as a key link between the different qualitative elements of the Seine Valley and the Greater Paris. The environment represents a diverse and flourishing sample of various situations: the local village of Orgeval, the agricultural landscape, the presence of urbanity on a metropolitan scale through dense and fast traffic, leisure spaces, etc., all visually connected through the fertile valley.

We imagine a new facility inspired by its surroundings and carrying the qualities of its environment. Inspired by the layered nature of the landscape under the presence of a big sky, the building takes shape through three conceptual elements: the village, the gardens, and the cloud.

The village is composed in the continuity of the village of Orgeval, in the urbanity of the departmental road and the future activity zone, where the composition of volumes creates dynamic and active meeting spaces. The confrontation between urbanity and nature is found through an immense suspended garden. The presence of nature flowing from the top to the bottom permeates the spaces with a sensory and omnipresent soul. The cloud is the unifying and protective element. It allows a large-scale presence while remaining soft, ephemeral and sensitive. It houses an ecological and economic ecosystem, creating experiential and commercial micro-climates that allow for various interpretations.


Office / Commercial


Altarea Cogedim




Grau, Woodsbagot, Franck Boutté Consultants, Mathieu Lehanneur, Bollinger & Grohmann, Base




Orgeval (fr)




Leisure, shopping, culture and entertainment destination.