Mixed-use building Partenord Habitat

At the heart of a rapidly changing district, the Partenord Habitat block proposes to bring the city of Lille into the third industrial revolution through a mixed-use project integrating the head office of the social landlord Partenord Habitat, offices, housing and shops.

It occupies a strategic position at the entrance of the city, at the intersection of rue de Cambrai and boulevard de Belfort. Along these two axes, the island emerges from the ground and outlines three distinct entities: the offices, the head office and the accommodation, united on a common base.

The head office is positioned at the corner of the plot, like a beacon shining on the metropolis and the Lille area. The project offers a duality between assertive urban facades and a heart of an island sheltered from metropolitan effervescence, constituting a privileged space of relaxation for the various users. The multiplicity and equity of the outdoor spaces offer tenants and employees a pleasant living environment open to an environment rich in biodiversity.