Secondary School Paul-Duez Cambrai

The new Educational Hall housing the Paul Duez Secondary School is a structuring project from a heritage and urban point of view. It harmoniously extends its history with the exemplary renovation of the Sernam railway Hall into municipal sports facilities. This inspires and guides the design of the future Secondary School in timber construction. It stretches along the preserved tree-lined fringe, and it offers a modern face on the Place de la Gare. Its architecture is a reinterpretation of the classic shape of the Hall. With its cantilever entrance, the secondary school signals its anchoring, and affirms the renewal of the district turned towards a new balance between nature, soft modes of transport and responsible construction. Paul Duez Secondary School celebrates the well-being necessary for learning and for the development of life.

The Paul-Duez Secondary School will be the first to be built in wood in the North of France. Thus, the building’s primary purpose is to ensure the comfort of users, quality of life, respect for the environment, economic performance, etc.